Today’s #kanji is 可, which is listed under its semantic element of #くちへん(口). Its phonetic element is 丂, although 可 and 丂 do not share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: OK, possible, etc.
Reading: カ

可逆(ギャク)な: reversible
可決(ケツ)する: to pass (a bill), to approve, to decide in favour (of …)
可能(ノウ)な: possible, potential, practicable, conceivable
可能性(ノウセイ): possibility, chance, probability, likelihood, potential
可否(ヒ): right or wrong; pro and con, for and against, ayes and noes
許可(キョ): permission, approval
裁可(サイ): sanction, a sovereign’s approval
認可(ニン): approval, authorization, license, permission
不可(フ): failure (school grade); disapprove, not allowed
不可能(フノウ): impossibility, impracticability, unattainability

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