Today’s #kanji is 折, which is listed under the radical of #てへん(扌). 折’s original form, 㪿, is a compound ideograph made of the left hand side of 㪿, which apparently depicts cut trees and 斤, an axe.


Meaning: to break, to fold, etc.
Reading: セツ(セッ)、お、おり

折角(セッカク): adv. with (much) trouble, with special kindness, etc.
折線(セッセン): n. a broken line
折衷(セッチュウ): n. a compromise, a cross
折半(セッパン): n. halving

折(お)る: to break, to fold, to turn, etc.

腕(うで)を折る: to break one’s arm
花(はな)を折る: to pick a flower
二(ふた)つに折る: to fold in two
裾(すそ)を折る: to turn up the hem

折(お)り合(あ)う: vi. to reacn an agreement, to come to terms, to compromise
折(お)り返(かえ)し: n. cuffs, a flap, a refrain (of a song); adv. going back, returning, by prompt
折(お)り紙(がみ): n. origami, the art of paper folding; a note of authentication, a hallmark
折(お)り畳(たた)みの: folding, collapsible, foldaway, telescopic

折(おり): a time, an occasion, an opportunity, a chance

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