Today’s #kanji is #相, which is listed its semantic element of #め(目) and its phonetic element is 木, which is the original form of 桑. (Thus 相 and 桑 have a sound in common, though 相 and 木 don’t). Some say 相 is a compound ideograph between 木 and 目, suggesting 相 is an eye for trees.

Meaning: to observe, an aspect, a phase
Reading: ソウ、ショウ、あい

相(ソウ): n. an aspect, a phrase
相違(ソウイ): n. difference, disagreement, a gap
相互(ソウゴ)の: exp. mutual, reciprocal
相思相愛(ソウソウアイ): exp. mutual love, reciprocal affection
人相(ニンソウ): n. physiognomy, looks, facial features

首相(シュショウ): a prime minister, a premier

相方(あいかた): n. a partner
相手(あいて): n. a companion, one’s buddy; one’s oppponent; th eother party
相打(あいう)ち: exp. hitting/killing each other at the same time

unlisted reading
相撲(すもう): sumo wrestling
相模(さがみ): a place name

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