Today’s #kanji is #考, which is listed its semantic element of #おいかんむり(耂) and its phonetic element of 丂. I have never seen 丂 used as it is.

Reading: コウ、かんが

考案(コウアン): an idea, a plan, a design
考慮(コウリョ): consideration, deliberation, reflection, thought
再考(サイコウ): reconsideration
参考(サンコウ): reference, consultation
思考(シコウ): thinking, thought, consideration, cerebration
考(かんが)え: thinking, a thought, a view, imagination
考(かんが)え方(かた): a way of thinking, an opinion, a point of view
考(かんが)え事(ごと): something to think about; a concern, a worry
考(かんが)え込(こ)む: to think deeply, be lost in thought
考(かんが)える: to think, to consider

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