This week’s #kanji is #覚 which is a simplified version of 覺. It is listed under its semantic element of 見 and its phonetic element is the top part of覺. That radical is no longer used in modern Japanese.

Meaning: to get to know, to notice, to remember
Reading: カク、おぼ、さ(ざ)

覚悟(カクゴ): (psychological) readiness, preparedness; resolution, resignation
覚醒(カクセイ)する: to wake (up), to come to one’s senses; to be disillusioned, to be awakened
感覚(カンカク): feeling, sensation
five senses are: 視覚(シカク) – sight、聴覚(チョウカク)- hearing、嗅覚(キュウカク) – smell、味覚(ミカク)- taste、触覚(ショッカク) – tactile
知覚(チカク): perception, sensory perception, awareness
不覚(フカク): lack of care, negligence, a defeat

覚(おぼ)える: to memorize; to learn; to feel; to think
覚(おぼ)え書(が)き: a memorandum, a memo, a note

目(め)が覚(さ)める: to wake up, to become sober, to be disillusioned
目(め)覚(ざ)まし時計(どけい): an alarm clock

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