Today’s #kanji is #貸, which is listed under its semantic element of #貝. Its phonetic element is 代.

Meaning: to lend
Reading: タイ、か(が)

貸借(タイシャク/かしかり): lending and borrowing
貸与(タイヨ): lending, a loan
賃貸(チンタイ): a lease, leasing, letting, renting out

貸()す: to lend, to loan
貸()し出(だ)し: [financial institution] lending, a loan, an advance; [library] loan, circulation; [equipment] rental
貸()し付(つ)け: loaning, lending
貸()し本屋(ホンヤ): a shop that, for a small fee, rents books and comics
金(かね)貸()し: moneylending (business); a money lender
高利(コウリ)貸()し: usury; a loan shark

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