Today’s #kanji is 逃, which is listed under its semantic element of #しんにょう(辶), which suggests something to do with coming and going. Its phonetic element is 兆, although 逃 and 兆 don’t quite share a sound.


Meaning: to escape
Reading: トウ、に、のが

逃走(トウソウ)する: to flee, to run away, to take to flight
逃避(トウヒ)する: to escape/retreat (from reality), to withdraw (from the world)
逃亡(トウボウ)する: to flee, to run away, escape, to desert

逃(に)がす: to let go, to set free, to liberate; to miss, to lose; to let … escape
逃(に)げる: to escape, to run away; to evade, to break out; to avoid, to dodge; to disperse, to dissipate
逃(に)げ口上(コウジョウ): an excuse, an evasion, a quibble
逃(に)げ場(ば): a refuge (from danger), a shelter, a place of safety
逃(に)げ道(みち): an escape route, an exit; an excuse, a loophole

逃(のが)す: to miss, to let… get away: to fail (to do)
逃(のが)れる: to escape, to get off; to evade, to avoid

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