Today’s #kanji is #速, which is made of its semantic element of #しんにょう(辶)and phonetic element of 束. 束 also has the meaning of “busy” and/or “restless.” Then can you guess what 速 means then?

Meaning: fast, speedy
Reading: ソク(ソッ)、はや(ばや)、すみ

速記(ソッキ); [noun] shorthand (writing)
速達(ソクタツ): [noun] express delivery
速度(ソクド): [noun] speed, velocity
加速(カソク): [noun] acceleration
急速(キュウソク): [なadj] rapid, swift, quick, speedy
高速(コウソク): [noun] high speed
早速(サッソク): [adv] at once, immediately, outright

速(はや)い: [いadj] quick, fast, swift, speedy
cf. 早(はや)い: [いadj] early
口(くち)速(ばや): [なadj] fast-speaking, quick-tongued (also written 口早)

速(すみ)やか: [なadj] rapid, speedy, prompt, immediate

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