The picture is of a cup of “shaved ice” but the caption says “アイスをたべましょう (aisu wo tabemashou)” is not right. Why not??

That is because “ice” is 氷(こおり/koori) in Japanese and its transliteration アイス(あいす/aisu) usually refers to アイスクリーム(あいすくりーむ/aisukuri-mu, “ice cream”), not “ice”.
Shaved ice is called かき氷(かきごおり/kakigoori – note the sound change from こ to ご) in Japanese. On a hot summer’s day, かき氷 is a great treat! It doesn’t make you thirsty as アイス does (or am I the only one who thinks that ice cream makes you thirsty?)
By the way, do you know how to make “water” into “ice” in less than a second?

Put a stroke to it!
(みず) – water
(こおり) – ice

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