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  • #青 is listed under the radical of 靑, which is the old form of this character 青. My dictionary lists many theories how this kanji was formed, but none of […]
  • Family words
    This post explains how to call your own family, somebody else’s family and what word to use when you talk about your family.
  • かわい、かわいい、こわい
    Today’s set of similar sounding words are: かわい、かわいい and こわい I have heard many people mixing up かわいい (cute) and こわい (scary) which are almost opposite in meanings. If you […]
  • Why you can’t say: ちちはシェフとレストランのオーナーです。
    When we talk about more than 1 role of a person/item, we cannot use the particle と. Instead we should combine the 2 roles with で, the てform of です」/だ.
  • おなじ
    おなじ is a frequently used word meaning “the same” or “identical.” Native speakers use it very often but it does not get classified into parts of speech easily.
  • ~てから
    The particle から has a few meanings and beginners at JLPT N5 level need to remember at least 3. This is the one used after a てform verb. ~てから means “after ~, ..”

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In order to write my blogs, I use the following dictionaries as my references

  • KOD – 研究社 Online Dictionary
  • 『現代国語例解辞典』(1985)小学館
  • 『基礎日本語辞典』(1989) 角川書店
  • 『大修館新漢和辞典(改訂第二版)』(1988) 大修館書店
  • “Concise Oxford Dictionary (Tenth Edition)” (1999) Oxford University Press
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