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Latest Blog posts for Learning Japanese

  • “What” – “なに” or “なん”?
    何 meaning “what?” is sometimes pronounced なに and なん at other times. This post explains when to read なに and when to use なん.
  • ~まで vs ~までに
    ~まで and ~までに are both used with a time phrase and they look almost the same. However, their meanings have a rather large difference. Read the explanation here.
  • しりません vs しっていません
    The English verb “to know” is usually translated as しっています in Japanese but the opposite, “not knowing” is NOT しっていません. This post explains why.
  • ~ようです/~ようだ
    ~ようです/~ようだ is equivalent of !It seems…” in English and is often used to soften the tone of a statement. Check how it’s used here.
  • うれしい vs たのしい
    うれしい and たのしい can be used to describe a “happy” feeling, but they are not always interchangeable. This article explain the difference between the two.
  • How to read temperature in Japanese
    Reading a #number in a foreign language can sometimes be tricky. This post explains how to read a temperature in Japanese.

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In order to write my blogs, I use the following dictionaries as my references

  • KOD – 研究社 Online Dictionary
  • 『現代国語例解辞典』(1985)小学館
  • 『基礎日本語辞典』(1989) 角川書店
  • 『大修館新漢和辞典(改訂第二版)』(1988) 大修館書店
  • “Concise Oxford Dictionary (Tenth Edition)” (1999) Oxford University Press
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