JLPT N5 Grammar and Vocab List

JLPT N5 Grammar and Vocab List

I have re-organized grammar explanation posts so that you can build up your skills in order.

First download the list of vocabulary most likely used in the JLPT N5 exam here. It is based on the prescribed list for the pre-2010 exams.

Click the topic and another page will open to explain each item. Suggested activities are written next to the topic.

  1. Hello and Thank you
  2. My mum is nice. – Describe your family and things near you.
  3. I like sushi but I don’t like sashimi. – Describe what you like/dislike, what you want, what you are good at.
  4. I eat sushi. – Make three-part sentences using verbs.
  5. Yesterday, I ate sushi with a fork with my friends. – Expand three-part sentences using a phrase led by a particle. Talk about things in the past.
  6. It’s 12:34pm on Thursday, 5 June. – Learn time related phrases, days of the week and how to say dates. This module is mainly for vocab learning.

  7. 2 coffee, please. – Learn counters and how to order something in a shop.
  8. There is a cat under the table. – Learn to describe where things are.
  9. I wanted to eat sushi and I ate too much. – Talk about what you want to do and learn more simple expressions using verbs.
  10. I came to the library and I am reading a book now. Please be quiet. – Learn to use てform: connecting to verbs/adjectives, describe what you are doing and make a request.
  11. I haven’t finished reading the book yet. – Revise tenses and moods. Expand vocabulary.
  12. Let’s write a diary entry. I like watching soccer. – Let’s learn the plain form.
  13. The book I’m reading now is very interesting. – Contact clause and expressions using plain form verbs/adjectives
  14. Do I have to do my homework now? – obligations, prohibitions, permissions, and requests not to do things.
  15. This book is more interesting than that book. – comparison and related expressions.

N5 Vocabulary You Need to Be Careful about

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