JLPT N4 Grammar and Vocab List

JLPT N4 Grammar and Vocab List

You can download the list of vocabulary most likely used in the JLPT N4 exam here. It is based on the prescribed list for the pre-2010 exams. It is not an exhaustive list, so you need to make sure that you know all the vocab for N5 as well. You can also play with the Quizlet quiz of all the nouns in the list at the bottom of this page.

The following tables list all the new grammar points you need to know for the JLPT N4 exam. You are expected to know these on top of those listed for the N5 exam. Click the topic and another page will open to explain each item.

YouTube Videos for N4 level

Transitive Verbs vs Intransitive Verbs5-dan verb conjugationbasic けいご (respectful speech)

N4 Grammar List

~なら~かどうかGiving and Receiving – あげます/くれます/もらいます
~することがある~ことができる~ことにする~することになる (could be N3)
~てよかった~てくれてありがとう~て いただけませんか/
~て くださいませんか
~-aれる (passive)~-aせる (causative)~-aせられる (causative – passive)~よう/~おう
~られる (potential)~ば/~れば~ばよかった
に (frequency)(number + counter )も~がひつようです~にみえる
~ごろ~さ(nominaliser for adjectives)~おきに
Question wordsQuestion word + かQuestion word + も

N4 Vocabulary you need to be Careful about

Play a Game with N4 Nouns

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