Today’s #kanji is 任, which is listed under its semantic element of #にんべん(亻), which suggests a connection with a person. Its phonetic element is 壬, although 任 and 壬 don’t share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: to appoint, to delegate, etc.
Reading: ニン、まか

任意(ニンイ)の: optional, elective, voluntary,any, arbitrary
任期(ニンキ): a person’s term of office, a person’s tenure
任務(ニンム): a duty, a job, a task, a mission
任命(ニンメイ)する: to appoint, to commission, to designate, to nominate
一任(イチニン)する: to leave (a matter) entirely to…, to entrust … with the task
辞任(ジニン)する: to resign
主任(シュニン): a person in charge, a manager, a head, a chief
担任(タンニン)する: to take charge of …, to be in charge of (a class)

任(まか)す/任(まか)せる: to entrust, to leave (a matter) to …, to delegate

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