Today’s first #kanji is #使. It is made of にんべん(イ、person/people) and 吏. 吏 means a lower class government officer, so it is easy to understand 使 can be a messenger and I guess messengers can be used by higher ranked officers?

Meaning: to use, a messenger

Reading: シ、つか(づか)

使用(ヨウ): use, employment, application, consumption
使者(シャ): a messengeer
天使(テン): an angel, a heavenly messenger
大使(タイ): an ambassador
公使(コウ): an envoy, a minister
行使(コウ): use, exercise


使う(つかう): to use, to utilize
使い(つかい): an errand, a messenger
使い道(つかいみち): a use

人使い(ひとづかい)が荒(あら)い: to work one’s people hard, to be a slave driver

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