Today’s #kanji is 例, which is listed under its semantic element of #にんべん(亻), which suggests a connection with a person. Its phonetic element is 列 which means “to queue.” 例 and 列 don’t quite share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: an example, custom
Reading: レイ、たと

例(レイ): a custom, a practice, a habit, a precedent, an instance, an example
例外(レイガイ): an exception
例示(レイジ)する: to illustrate (by example), to exemplify
例年(レイネン): an ordinary year, the average year, every year
例文(レイブン): an example (sentence)
事例(ジレイ): an example, an instance, a precedent
前例(ゼンレイ): a precedent, the example mentioned (above)
凡例(ハンレイ): a guide (to a dictionary), a legend
比例(ヒレイ)する: to be proportional, to be in proportion (to…)

例(たと)える: to compare (to…), to allegorize

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