Today’s #kanji is 処, which is listed under the radical of #きにょう(几). 処 is a compound ideograph made of 几 (a desk or something to lean on) and 夂 (to walk), so its original meaning was to stay still.

Meaning: to stay, to rest,a place
Reading: ショ

処刑(ショケイ): punishment, execution
処女(ショジョ): a virgin, a maiden
処置(ショチ): disposal, disposition, management, a proceeding
処罰(ショバツ): punishment, (a) penalty
処分(ショブン)する: to dispose of…, to deal with …; to punish; to put down
処理(ショリ)する: to manage, to conduct, to dispose of, to treat
善処(ゼンショ)する: to make the best of …., to tide over …, to act with prudence
対処(タイショ)する: to cope with…, to deal with …, to tackle, to handle

Customary Readings

在処(ありか): the place where something is (kept).
何処(どこ、いずこ、いずく): where
目処(めど): an aim, the goal, a prospect; an outlook (目途 is more common.)

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