Today’s first #kanji is #動. Most kanji dictionaries seem to list this under the radical of #ちから(力).

It’s written as 重い (heavy) 力 (power, force). I guess in order to move (動) something, you do need 重い (heavy) 力 (power, force).

Meaning: to move

Reading: ドウ、うご

動物(ドウブツ): an animal, a (living) creature
動員(ドウイン)する: mobilize (people), call out
動作(ドウサ): an action, movement, motion
動力(ドウリョク): (motive) power (such as electricity)
運動(ウンドウ): motion, movement
言動(ゲンドウ): speech and conduct, words and deeds
行動(コウドウ): behaviour, action, activities
自動(ジドウ): automatic operation, automatism


動く(うごく): to move (intransitive verb)

動かす(うごかす): to move (transitive verb)

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