Today’s second kanji is #区. Apparently its radical is #かくしがまえ(匸), not #はこがまえ(匚)and the inside is currently written as メ but this used to be 品 (i.e. the whole kanji was 區), so altogether its original meaning was “somewhere to hide goods”!

Meaning: section

Reading: ク

区(ク): a ward, a city (23区’s in Tokyo are regarded as a 市 (city))
区切る(クぎる): to punctuate, to divide
区別(クベツ): differentiation
区分(クブン): a division, sorting
区画(クカク): division, a section
区域(クイキ): an area, a district, a zone
地区(チク): a district, an area, a zone
学区(ガック): a school district, a school catchment area
選挙区(センキョク): an electoral district, a constituency

xx区(xxク): xx Ward

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