Today’s #kanji is #号, which is a simplified version of 號. 号 is listed under the radical of #くち(口) and 号 apparently describes the way the energy trapped inside (丂) comes out through the mouth (口).

Meaning: to shout, to growl, to call, etc.
Reading: ゴウ

号泣(ゴウキュウ)する: vi. to weep bitterly, to lament loudly
号令(ゴウレイ): n. a (word of) command, an order
暗号(アンゴウ): n a secret language, a cryptogram, a code
記号(キゴウ): n. a symbol, a sign, a mark
称号(ショウゴウ): n. a title, a name, a designation
信号(シンゴウ): n. a signal
番号(バンゴウ): a number
次号(ジゴウ): the next number/issue
ひかり10号(ゴウ): The No.10 Hikari super-express
一号車(イチゴウシャ): Car/Coach/Carriage No. 1

  • くち
  • くちへん

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