Today’s #kanji is 否, which is listed under its semantic element of #くちへん(口). Its phonetic element is 不 although 否 and 不 don’t share a sound in the modern Japanese.

Meaning: not
Reading: ヒ(ピ)、いな

否決(ケツ)する: to reject, to vote against…, to vote down
否定(テイ)する: to deny, to negate, to say no
否認(ニン)する: to deny, to reject, to disclaim
安否(アン): (personal) safety

あのひとの安否がわからない。I don’t know what’s become of that person.
ひと の安否をう to inquire after a person’s health
乗客じょうきゃくの安否を確認かくにんする to check if the passengers are safe or not

可否(カヒ): right or wrong; pro and con, for and against, ayes and noes
拒否(キョヒ)する: to deny, to reject, to refuse
賛否(サンピ): approval or disapproval, yes or no, for or against, ayes or nays
適否(テキヒ): (something’s) propriety, (someone’s or item/place’s) suitability, fitness, aptitude

否(いな)む: to refuse, to deny, to reject, to decline
否(いな)や: yes or no, one way or the other; an objection

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