Today’s #kanji is #呼, which is made of its semantic element of #くち(口) and phonetic element of 乎. 乎 apparently has the meaning of “to exhale.” So, what does 呼 mean then?

Meaning: to exhale, to call
Reading: コ、よ

呼応(オウ)する: [vi] to act in unison with…, to be in sympathy with…
呼気(キ): [noun] exhaled air, exhalation (⇔吸気(キュウキ))
呼吸(キュウ): [noun] breathing, respiration, a breath
呼称(ショウ): [noun] naming, a name, a designation
点呼(テン): [noun] roll call, roll-calling
連呼(レン): [noun] repeated calls, repeated calling

呼(よ)ぶ: [vt] to call, to call out; to send for …, to summon
呼(よ)び名(な): [noun] a given name, a popular name, an alias
呼(よ)び子(こ): [noun] a whistle
呼(よ)び物(もの): [noun] an attraction, a (special) feature, a catch

  • くち
  • くちへん

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