Today’s first #kanji is #売.

It is listed under the radical of #さむらい(士), so make sure you write the top horizontal line longer than the next one because if you write them the other way around, it will become つち(土).
売’s original form is 賣 where 買 is under さむらい(士), and this 買 is its pronunciation indicator. Can you tell how to read it then?

Meaning: to sell

Reading: バイ、う

売店(バイテン): a stand, a stall, a booth, a kiosk
売買(バイバイ): buying and selling, purchase and sale
売国(バイコク): betrayal of one’s country, treason
売春(バイシュン): prostitution
販売(ハンバイ): sale, selling, vending


売る(る): to sell
売り上げ(りあげ): proceeds, takings, sales
売り物(りもの): an article for sale, a main attraction
小売(こうり): retail(ing), retail sale
安売り(やすり): a bargain sale


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