Today’s #kanji is #夫, which is a compound ideograph between 大 (big) and 一. This 一 is apparently not for the number 1 but it is a for a kanzashi, an ornamental hairpin, which is used in a coming-of-age ceremony. From there 夫 means an adult man.

Meaning: a husband, a man
Reading: フ(プ、ブ)、フウ、おっと、そ*

夫君(クン): n. a person’s husband
夫妻(サイ): n. husband and wife
夫人(ジン): n. a wife, a married woman; Mrs./Madam
一夫多妻(イッタサイ)の: polygamous
農夫(ノウ): n. a farmer, a farm hand, a peasant
大丈夫(ダイジョウ): n. a fine man, a heroic man, a great man
大丈夫(ダイジョウ): なadj. safe, secure, problem-free; adv, certainly, surely
工夫(コウ): n. a labourer, a workman

夫婦(フウフ): n. husband and wife, a (married) couple
工夫(クフウ): n. devising ways and means to handle a situation, a plan, a scheme

夫(おっと): n. a husband

unlisted reading
夫(そ)れ: pron. that (one). Usually written in Hiragana それ.

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