Today’s #kanji is 富, which is listed under its semantic element of #うかんむり(宀), which shows an association with “a house.” Its phonetic element is 畐, although 富 and 畐 don’t quite share a sound.

Meaning: rich, abundant, affluent
Reading: フ(プ)、フウ、とみ、と

富豪(ゴウ): a person of great fortune, a millionaire
富士山(ジサン): Mt. Fuji
富裕(ユウ)な: rich, wealthy, affluent
巨富(キョ): a huge fortune, vast wealth
国富(コク): national wealth, the wealth of a nation, national resources
貧富(ヒン): wealth and poverty, the rich and the poor
豊富(ホウ)な: abundant, plentiful, rich, ample,affluent

富貴(フウキ): riches and honours, wealth and rank, the wealthy and noble

富(とみ): riches, wealth, a fortune; resources

富(と)む: to be rich (in …), to be fruitful (in ideas); to be in large quantity; to become rich

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