#広 is made of #まだれ(广) and ム. 広 used to be an informal variant of 廣. 黃, which is the old form of 黄, serves as the sound indicator of 廣.

広 means spacious and can be pronounced as コウ or ひろ(びろ).


Did you know all of the words above? They are:

広野(コウヤ): wide empty plain (can be read as ひろの)
広言(コウゲン): a big talk, a boast
広義(コウギ): a broad sense
広告(コウコク): an advertisement


広(ひろ)い: large, spacious
広(ひろ)がる: spread, extend
広(ひろ)める: make … widely known
広場(ひろば): a public square, a plaza
広島(ひろしま): Hiroshima – a city in Japan

背広(せびろ): a suit jacket or a business suit

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