Today’s second #kanji is #悪, which is listed under the radical of #こころ(心). The top part 亜 used to be written as 亞, which is apparently a pictograph for some “deformation,” from which the meaning “ugly” or “bad” was developed.

Meaning: bad

Reading: アク(アッ)、オ、わる

悪事(アクジ): (a) wrongdoing, (a) crime, an evil deed
悪人(アクニン): a bad person, an evil person
悪夢(アクム): a nightmare, a terrible dream
悪化(アッカ): a change for the worse, deterioration, aggravation
最悪(サイアク)(の): the worst


悪寒(カン): a chill
嫌悪(ケン): hatred, strong dislike, disgust

悪(わる)い: bad, evil, poor, wrong
悪口(わるくち/アッコウ): abuse, vilification
悪者(わるもの): a bad person, a rascal


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