Meaning: a hand

Reading: シュ、ズ、チョウ、て(で)、た

手話(シュワ): sign language
選手(センシュ): a player; an athlete

上手(ジョウ)(な): clever, skilled. good (at)

手水(チョウズ): washing water

手(て): a hand
上手(うわ): the upper part, superior
上手(かみ): the stage left; the right of the stage (from the audience’s viewpoint).
素手(す): a bare hand, an empty hand
手紙(がみ): a letter
奥手(おく): a later developer, a late bloomer


手綱(づな): reins. a bridle
下手(へ)(な): unskilled, poor (at)

#手 is a pictograph for a hand. You can see 5 fingers and the palm, can’t you? (really?) 手 can be a radical for other characters but when it’s used as a へん (the left side), it loses a stroke and becomes てへん(扌).
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