Today’s #kanji is #押, which is made of its semantic element of #てへん(扌) and phonetic element of 甲, although 押 and 甲 do not share a sound in the modern Japanese. Do you know what 押 means?

Meaning: to press, to push
Reading: オウ、お

押印(オウイン): [noun] putting a/one’s seal (to a document)
押収(オウシュウ)する: [vt] to confiscate, to seize, to impound
花押(カオウ): [noun] a written seal, a (decorative) signature

押(お)す: [vt] to push, to thrust, to shove, to press, etc.
押(お)さえる: [vt] to hold … down, to press… down; to cover; to get control of…; to grasp
押(お)し入(い)れ: [noun] a sliding-door closet (built into the wall of a room, usually store bedding during the day)
後押(お)し: [noun] pushing (from behind); support, backing; boosting
押(お)し付(つ)ける: [vt] to press … against ~, to force …, to compel…
押(お)し通(とお)す: [vt] to push through (a plan), to carry … through, to endure … through to the end

Difficult Reading
長押(なげし): [noun] a horizontal piece of timber between pillars, crosspiece

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