Today’s #kanji is #最, which is listed under #にちへん(日) but it is apparently a compound ideograph between 冃 and 取. 冃 has the meaning of “risking” or “covering” and 取 means “to take.” Can you guess what 最 means then?

Meaning: the most, the number 1
Reading: サイ、もっと

最後(サイゴ): the last, the end
最高(サイコウ)の/な: highest, maximum, supreme, premium
最初(サイショ): the beginning, the opening, the start, the first
最小(サイショウ)の: the smallest, minimum, minimal
最上(サイジョウ)の: the best, the highest, supreme, superb
最新(サイシン)の: the newest, the most recent, (most) up-to-date
最大(サイダイ)の: the greatest, the largest, the biggest, maximum
最中(サイチュウ/なか)の: (in the) middle (of)…
最低(サイテイ)の: minimum, the lowest, the worst

最(もっと)も: most, extremely, exceedingly

Difficult Readings

最上川(がみがわ): Mogami River (a river in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan)
最中(なか): bean-jam-filled wafers

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