Today’s second #kanji is #月, which can also make its own radical. 月 is a pictograph for a crescent.

Meaning: the Moon, month

Reading: ゲツ(ゲッ)、ガツ(ガッ)、つき(づき)

月曜日(ゲツヨウび): Monday
月光(ゲッコウ): moonlight, a moonbeam
一か月(イッカゲツ): one month (long)
満月(マンゲツ): a full moon


生年月日(セイネンガッぴ): the year, month, and day of birth; date of birth
一月(イチガツ): January


一月(ひとつき): one month (long)
月(つき): the Moon
三日月(みかづき): a crescent

毎月(マイつき、マイゲツ): every month, monthly

<Difficult Reading>
如月(きさらぎ): an old name for February

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