Today’s #kanji is #病, which is made of the semantic element of #やまいだれ(疒) and the sound element of 丙, although the more common onyomi doesn’t come from that part. There are 4 official ways of reading with their variant. Do you know them all?

Meaning: illness, sickness
Reading: ビョウ、ヘイ(ペイ)、や、やまい

病院(ビョウイン): a hospital, a clinic
病気(ビョウキ): a sickness, an illness, a disease
病弱(ビョウジャク)(な): weekly, feeble, delicate, sickly
臆病(オクビョウ)(な): cowardly, spineless, easily frightened, timid
心(シン)臓(ゾウ)病(ビョウ): a heart disease, cardiopathy

疾病(シッペイ): a disease; a malady

病()みつきになる: develop into a (consuming) passion; get addicted to…; develop an obsession with …
精神(セイシン)を病()む: to have emotional problems, to have a mental illness

病(やまい)は気(き)から: Care killed the cat. /  Worry is often the cause of illness. / Illness originates in the mind./ The mind rules the body. (although I don’t believe any of these common English translations converys the meaning of 気 very well…)
恋(こい)の病(やまい): lovesickness

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