Meaning: an eye, a pivot

Reading: モク(モッ)、ボク、め、ま

目標(モクヒョウ): a target, a goal
目下(モッカ): now, currently
注目(チュウモク): attention, recognition
名目(メイモク): a name, a pretext; nominal

面目(メンボク): honour, reputation; appearance

目(め): an eye, an eyeball
目下(した): one’s inferior, a junior
目安(やす): a standard; a rough estimate
一(ひと)つ目(め): the first (目 makes it ordinal when used with a counter)


目(ま)の当(あ)たりに: with one’s own eyes
帽子(ぼうし)を目深(ぶか)にかぶる: pull one’s hat over one’s eyes

#目 is a pictograph for an eye. It used to be written sideway (like 罒). Don’t confuse it with 日 or 耳
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