Today’s #kanji is #直, which is listed under its semantic element of 目. It used to be written differently and its phonetic element is a character similar to 丨, though 直 and 丨 do not share a sound.

Meaning: to rectify, to straighten, immediate
Reading: チョク(チョッ)、ジキ、ただ、なお、じか*す*

直角(チョッカク): [noun] a right angle
直接(チョクセツ)の: direct, immediate
直線(チョクセン): [noun] a straight line
当直(トウチョク): [noun] being on (night) duty

直(ジキ)に: [adv] immediately, directly, instantly
正直(ショウジキ): [なadj] honest, upright, square, frank

直(ただ)ちに; [adv] at once, immediately, instantly

直(なお)す: [vt] to mend, to repair, to correct, to rectify, to change (its intransitive counterpart is 直(なお)る)

[readings not in the list of common use]
直火(じかび): [noun] an open fire, a naked flame
直(じか)に: [adv] direct, directly, at first hand

真(ま)っ直(す)ぐ: [なadj/noun] straight, direct, upright
直(す)ぐ: [adv] at once, immediately, directly

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