Today’s #kanji is 破, which is listed under its semantic element of #いしへん(いし). The phonetic element is 皮 although 破 and 皮 don’t share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: to tear, to break, to defeat
Reading: ハ、やぶ

破壊(カイ)する: to destroy, to break up, to shatter, to ruin
破棄(キ)する: 1. to tear … to pieces and throw it away, to destroy; 2. to annul (a decision), to cancel (a contract), to reverse (a sentence)
破局(ハキョク): a collapse, a catastrophe, a cataclysm
破産(サン): insolvency, bankruptcy
破損(ソン): damage, harm, breakage, breakdown
破門(モン): (religious) excommunication, expulsion (of a pupil)
打破(ダ)する: to break down (evil customs), to eradicate (abuses), to conquer (a habit), etc.
爆破(バクハ)する: to blast, to blow up, to explode

破(やぶ)く: to tear to rip
破(やぶ)る: 1. to tear, to rip; 2. to break, to crush, to destroy; 3. to violate, to breach; 4. to beat, to defeat

ドアを破る: to force a door open
しずけさを破る: to break the silence
記録きろくを破る: to break the record, to better the record
約束やくそくを破る: to break one’s promise
宿敵しゅくてきを破る: to beat an archi-rival

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