Today’s #kanji is #祖, which is listed under its semantic element of #しめすへん(礻), which shows association with “deity (god).” Its phonetic element is 且, which has the meaning of “beginning.” 祖 and 且, however, don’t share a sound. Can you guess what 祖 means?

Meaning: grandfather, ancestor, original
Reading: ソ(ゾ)

祖国(コク): n. one’s homeland, a person’s mother country
祖先(セン): n. an ancestor, a forefather, one’s forebears
祖父(フ): n. a grandfather
祖母(ボ): n. a grandmother
開祖(カイ): n. a founder (of a religious sect/temple), an originator
元祖(ガン): n. the founder, an originator
教祖(キョウ): n. the founder of a religion, the head of a religious sect
先祖(セン): an ancestor, forefathers

  • しめすへん

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