Today’s second #kanji is #紙 – it’s made of いとへん(糸) and 氏 (family name).

紙 is made of fibre and people’s family name can be written on it, so it does make sense…

Meaning: paper

Reading: シ、かみ(がみ)

紙幣(シヘイ): paper money, paper currency, a banknote
和紙(ワシ): washi – traditional Japanese paper
表紙(ヒョウシ): a cover, a binding
新聞紙(シンブンシ): newspaper, a sheet of newspaper
半紙(ハンシ): a (35 by 25 cm) sheet of plain paper for calligraphy
五線紙(ゴセンシ): score paper, music (manuscript) paper


紙(かみ): paper
紙(かみ)テープ: a paper tape
手紙(てがみ): a letter, a communication
折り紙(おりがみ): origami (paper folding), coloured paper for origami


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