Today’s #kanji is 続, which is listed under its semantic element of #いとへん(糸), which suggests a connection with fiber or textile. 続 used to be written as 續 and 賣(売) is its phonetic element, though 賣 and 続 don’t share a sound.

Meaning: to continue
Reading: ゾク(ゾッ)、つづ

続演(ゾクエン): the continuation of a show
続行(ゾッコウ)する: to proceed, to continue, to go on
続出(ゾクシュツ)する: to appear in succession, to crop up
続報(ゾクホウ): a continued report, a follow-up, additional particulars
継続(ケイゾク)する: to continue, to last, to run on, to go on
後続(コウゾク)の: succeeding, following, next
接続(セツゾク)する: to connect, to join, to link
相続(ソウゾク)する: to succeed, to inherit

続(つづ)く: (vi) to continue, to remain, to stay; to be unbroken, to repeat; to connect to…, to lead to…
続(つづ)ける: (vt) to continue, to keep …ing; to connect
続(つづ)き柄(がら): a family relationship (If you don’t put き between these 2 kanji characters, 続柄 is read ゾクがら with the same meaning.)

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