Today’s #kanji is 規, which is listed under the radical of 見. My dictionary says that 規 is considered as either a compound ideograph or it is comprising a semantic and a phonetic element but that its origin of 規 is unknown.

meaning: a compass, a rule,
reading: キ(ギ)

規格(カク): a standard, a norm
規準(ジュン): a norm
規制(セイ)する: to regulate, to control, to impose restraints
規則(ソク): a rule, a regulation
規定(テイ)する: to prescribe, to stipulate that…
規模(ボ): a scale, the size (of….)
定規(ジョウ): a ruler, a rule, a square
定規(テイ): fixed regulations, a definite rule
新規(シン)の: new, fresh
正規(セイ)の: regular, formal, standard, proper, etc.
法規(ホウ): laws and regulations, legislation

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