#赤 is listed under its own radical but its original form was the combination of 大 (big) and 火 (fire) written vertically. A big fire is usually “red,” isn’t it?

赤 means red and it can be pronounced as セキ、シャク、あか.

赤外線(セキガイセン): infrared radiation
赤貧(セキヒン): extreme poverty
赤面(セキメン): blushing; a blush
赤痢(セキリ): dysentery

赤銅(シャクドウ): an alloy of copper and gold

赤(あか): red
赤(あか)ちゃん: a baby
赤字(あかじ): a deficit, a loss
赤恥(あかはじ): deep embarrassment
赤(あか)の他人(タニン): a perfect stranger



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