Today’s #kanji is #迎. which is made of its semantic element of #しんにょう(辶) and phonetic element of 卬. 卬 has a meaning of “to look up,” so what does it mean if it’s combined with 辶?

Meaning: to welcome
Reading: ゲイ、むか、ゴウ*

迎合(ゲイゴウ)する: [vi] to accommodate oneself to …, to go along with (somebody else’s view)
迎春(ゲイシュン): [noun phrase] Happy New Year (a greeting word used on new year’s cards)
迎賓館(ゲイヒンカン): [noun] State Guest house
歓迎(カンゲイ)する: [vt] to welcome
送迎(ソウゲイ)する: [vt] to welcome and send … off, to pick up and drop off …

迎(むか)える: [vt] to welcome, to invite, to go to meet
出(で)迎(むか)える: [vt] to receive, to greet, to come and meet… on arrival

来迎(ライゴウ): [noun] the coming down of Amitabha to welcome the spirit of his believer

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