Today’s #kanji is 途, which is listed under its semantic element of #しんにょう(辶), which suggests something to do with coming and going. Its phonetic element is 余 although 途 and 余
don’t quite share a sound.


Meaning: a path
Reading: ト(ド)

途(ト): a way
途につく: to set out, to start (-ing)
途(ト)切(ぎ)れる to break (off), to be interrupted
途絶(ゼツ): stoppage, cessation, interruption, suspension
途端(タン): (following a past verb) just then…, just at that time…
途中(チュウ): on the way, along the way; halfway
途方(ホウ)に暮(く)れる: to be puzzled, to be at a loss
帰途(キ): one’s way home, one’s return home
別途(ベッ): separately
目途(メ): an aim, the goal; a prospect, an outlook
用途(ヨウ): a use, service

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