Today’s #kanji is #遅, which is an informal variant of 遲. 遲 is made of its semantic element of #しんにょう(辶) and phonetic element of 犀 although 遅 and 犀 don’t share a sound in Japanese. 犀 is a rhinoceros and 遲 describes the way a rhino moves. Now you know what it means?

Meaning: late, delayed
Reading: チ、おく、おそ

遅延(エン):  [noun] delay, (a) retardation, (a) deferment
遅刻(コク)する: [vi] to be late, to arrive late, to be behind time
遅配(ハイ): [noun] a delay in mail delivery/food rationing/salary payment,

遅(おく)らせる: [vt] to delay, to postpone, to slow down, In the Kansai area,
遅らす is also used
遅(おく)れ: [noun] delay, a (time) lag
遅(おく)れる: [vi] to be late, to fall behind time, to be overdue
気(き)遅(おく)れ: [noun] diffidence, loss of confidence, feeling awkward.
It can be written 気後れ with the same sound.

遅(おそ)い: [いadj] late, tardy, belated, slow
遅(おそ)咲(ざ)き: [noun] a late bloomer
遅(おそ)番(バン): [noun] a late shift

Kanji with しんにょう

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