Today’s #kanji is 過, which is listed under its semantic element of #しんにょう(辶), which suggests something to do with coming and going. Its phonetic element is 咼, which has the meaning of “a lot.”


Meaning: to pass, to overdo
Reading: カ、す、あやま

過激(ゲキ)な: extreme, excessive, violent
過去(コ): the past, bygone days; one’s (secret) past, an umpleasant memory
過失(シツ): a mistake, an error, a blunder; negligence, carelessness, oversight
過剰(ジョウ)な: surplus, overabundant, superabundant
過密(ミツ)な: overcrowded, congested
過労(ロウ): overwork, strain, overexertion, undue exertion
超過(チョウ)する: to exceed, to be in excess

過(す)ぎる: to pass by, to go past; to run out, to be over, to expire; to exceed, to be more than…; to go too far
過(す)ごす: to spend (time), to live

過(あやま)ち: a mistake, a fault, an error

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