#青 is listed under the radical of 靑, which is the old form of this character 青. My dictionary lists many theories how this kanji was formed, but none of them makes much sense to me….

It’s easier to remember trying to stab 3 layers of pancakes on the moon!

Today’s Kanji is 青, which means “blue”.

It can be read as セイ、ショウ(ジョウ)、あお

青果(セイカ): vegetables and fruits
青春(セイシュン): youth, the springtime of life
青年(セイネン): a youth, young people
青銅(セイドウ): bronze
丹青(タンセイ): red and blue


緑青(ロクショウ): copper rust, verdigris
群青(グンジョウ): ultramarine blue, lapis


青(あお): blue (noun)
青(あお)い: blue (i-adj)
青(あお)二才(ニサイ): an immature youth

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