Today’s #kanji is #面, which makes its own radical, #めん. Some say it is a pictograph depicting the contour of a face and a neck. Others say it is a compound ideograph between the contour of the head/neck and a face-mask.

Meaning: face, surface, etc.
Reading: メン、おも、おもて、つら(づら)

(お)面(メン): n. a (face) mask, a face guard
面会(メンカイ): n. an interview, a meeting
面接(メンセツ): n. an (official) interview
海面(カイメン): n. the surface of the sea, sea level
対面(タイメン): n. a (face-to-face) meeting; facing; confrontation
外面(ガイメン): n. the outside, the exterior

面長(おもなが): なadj. oval-faced, having a slightly elongated face
面持(おもも)ち a look, a face, a visage.

面(おもて): face (顔/かお); a Noh mask (能面/のうめん)

面(つら)をしかめる:to grimace
外面(そとづら)がいい: exp. to be pleasant to everybody except one’s family, to be (bad-tempered at home but) pleasant to outsiders

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