Today’s #kanji is 頂, which is listed under its semantic element of #おおがい(頁), a head. Its phonetic element is 丁.

Meaning: peak, head, top
Reading: チョウ、いただ、いただき

頂上(チョウジョウ): the top, the summit, the peak
頂戴(チョウダイ)する: to receive, to be given, to accept; to eat, to enjoy
頂点(チョウテン): an apex, a vertex; the peak, the zenith
骨頂(コッチョウ): the height (of…)

の骨頂: the height of absurdity, sheer stupidity
無駄むだの骨頂: an utter waste (of time)

山頂(サンチョウ): the summit of a mountain, the mountaintop
絶頂(ゼッチョウ): the peak, the height, the highest period, the zenith, the acme; the summit (of a mountain)
天頂(テンチョウ): the zenith, the vertex
登頂(トウチョウ)する: to climb to the summit, to reach the summit

頂(いただ)く: to be presented with …, to be given

頂(いただき): the summit, the peak, the spire, the crown

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