Today’s second #kanji is #魚, which makes its own radical. 魚 is a pictogram and the bottom 灬 looks like れっか but it represents 魚’s tail, rather than a fire.

Meaning: fish

Reading: ギョ、うお、さかな

魚介(ギョカイ): fish and shellfish
魚肉(ギョニク)ソーセージ: a fish sausage

金魚(キンギョ): a gold fish

魚市場(うおいちば): a fish market

飛び魚(とびうお): a flying fish

魚(さかな): (a) fish
魚屋(さかなや): a fish dealer, a fishmonger, a fish shop
魚料理(さかなリョウリ): a fish dish

魚釣り(さかなつり): fishing

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