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京都きょうとむかし日本にほん首都しゅとだった( )から、「古都こと」とばれています。
a. こと b. ため c. ほど d. もの

Today’s Grammar Point: ~ことから…

~ことから… is a rather formal expression most often used to explain the origin or the history behind a certain name/nickname.


  • [plain verb] + ことから…
  • [いadjective] + ことから…
  • [なadjective] な/だった + ことから…
  • [noun] である/だった + ことから…


わたし英語えいご先生せんせい日本人にほんじんですが、いつも茶色ちゃいろいスーツをきていることから、「Mr. Brown」とばれています。
My English teacher is Japanese, but because he always wears a brown suit, he is called “Mr. Brown.”

Because Sendai is full of greenery, it is called “City of Trees.”

Nagasaki is sometimes called “the city of night views” because of its beautiful night view.

京都きょうとむかし日本にほん首都しゅとだったことから、「古都こと」とばれています。(Today’s question sentence)
Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan, so it is called the “ancient capital.”

~ことから can also be used to explain the reason behind a general conception, a common judgement or an established fact.


Mr. Tanaka is an English teacher but because he always plays the piano at ceremonies, many people think he is a music teacher.

This shop is actually a udon shop but because their ramen noodles are also delicious, it’s considered a ramen shop.

Ms Suzuki is good at writing passages, so she was entrusted with public relations work.

Because this mushroom has a distinctive smell, we can tell it’s matsutake.

When you can’t use ~ことから

~ことから cannot explain a reason behind something subjective or anything that is not generally established. You cannot use it before a question or a suggestion, either. To simply describe a reason, see these posts: 「~から」 and 「~ので」 and 「~から」 and 「~ので」(Cont’d).

Because I slept in, I don’t want to go to school.

Apparently cheese cake in that shop is delicious. Why don’t we go there together next time?

Answer to today’s question: a (for meaning see above)

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