Today’s Grammar Point: ~ども

I talked about ~とも yesterday but if you add てんてん/濁点(〝), ~ども changes the nuance completely.

~ども is like ~たち that makes a noun into plural but ~ども sounds very rough and somewhat derogatory. For that reason, ~ども can be used for our own group as a humble expression. I don’t recommend using ~ども for other people/things unless you are very sure that your usage doesn’t sound offensive in the situation.

The kanji for that is also but in this meaning, we often write it in Hiragana.

When it means “all ~”

  • [noun] + ども

Examples of humble use

We humbly run a cake shop.

Welcome to our city.

You can enjoy freshly ground coffee in our humble shop.

Examples of rough use

I/we defeated the guys.

The villains can’t beat us!

I’ll feed the kids.

Don’t listen to those hypocrites.

Youths these days have lots to be desired.

Catch the stray dogs.

I can’t leave it to the men.

Although ども is often used for “one child” these days and it is generally accepted but ども in ども is the same word and it was originally a derogatory term for “children.” So it is recommended to call other people’s child おさん (or おさま).

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