Today’s Grammar Point: ~ようでもあり…/~ようでもあるし…/~ような…ような

Today’s grammar point is ~ようでもあり…, which is used in an ambivalent situation. I can be rephrased as ~ようでもあるし… or in a conversation, ~ような…ような can be used.


  • [noun 1] のようでもあり [noun 2]
  • [noun 1] のようでもあるし [noun 2]
  • [noun 1] のような [noun 2]のような
  • [plain form verb 1] ようでもあり [plain form verb 2]
  • [plain form verb 1] ようでもあるし [plain form verb 2]
  • [plain form verb 1] ような [plain form verb 2]ような
  • [いadj 1] ようでもあり [adj 2]
  • [いadj 1] ようでもあるし [adj 2]
  • [いadj 1] ような [adj 2]のような
  • [なadj 1] なようでもあり [adj 2]
  • [なadj 1] なようでもあるし [adj 2]
  • [なadj 1] なような [adj 2](な)ような


This temple looks like a Chinese temple as well as a Japanese temple. Where is the temple?

That was a strange sweet which was somewhat like a mousse and somewhat like a cake.

My mum’s curry is like a curry as well as a stew. It’s delicious anyway.

That movie is a bit different love story that is like a comedy as well as a tragedy.

It’s a strange weather that seems to rain as well as to clear.

This picture is an illusion. The person seems looking this way as well as that way.

I was watching it with a feeling of wanting to cry and laugh at the same time.

The fruit called feijoa has a unique scent that is both sour and sweet.

My son looks happy as well as sad.

My son got married and I’ve got a strange feeling half lonely and half proud.

That puzzle seems easy and difficult at the same time.

My grandmother seems to be cheerful as well as feeling lonely alone.

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  • すいにょう
  • ふゆがしら
  • よう

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